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Marcello Corti Holy Family Christmas Ornament by Inner Beauty


SKU: 75136

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  • 6" long
  • Made of glass
  • Hand-pained from the inside

Celebrate the reason for the season with the Marcello Corti Holy Family Christmas Ornament by Inner Beauty. When you buy one of their glass ornaments, you are getting a true work of art. Each ornament is hand-painted from the inside out. Using a set of specially bent brushes, they must start with the most detailed parts of the portrait and work their way out. That means oftentimes they start by painting the eyes and finish the glass ornament by painting the background. Watching an Inner Beauty artist work their magic is truly a sight to behold. Even if you can't see it in person, you will know you've got something truly special hanging on your tree each Christmas!

Marcello Corti was born in Italy. He's had a varied career, but always been very creative, dabbling in work with portraiture and graphic design. With skills in both art and technology, he combines the latest technology with a passion for beautiful creations. He has a special skill set in lenticular printing. In this Christmas ornament, there's a true sense of realism. From the loving expressions of Mary and Joseph to the star-speckled sky in the background, this is a complete image of this beautiful moment in time. For those that collect nativity scenes or even just love the story of the birth of Jesus, this Marcello Corti Holy Family Christmas Ornament by Inner Beauty is a must have.