Don't Poke the Bear Montana Memory Card Game by Demdaco


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 80412


  • Matching game
  • Nature Inspired
  • Classic card game

Everyone loves a good memory game because there is no limit to who you can include! Don't Poke the Bear Montana Memory Card Game by Demdaco is a great Montana take on an old classic. The rules are simple: take turns turning over two cards to try to get a match! If they do, you go again. If they don't, flip them over. Player with the most matches wins! This fun card game is perfect for anyone wanting to add a little rustic feeling to their everyday life, and what better way than with a card game!

The matching game, or Concentration, is first thought to have originated in 16th Century Japan and has since been through many iterations for any audience. It is also seen as great practice for developing concentration and memory skills. It could even be played alone! Just set up the game as described above, using any number of pairs, and count the number of turns it takes you to match them all. Try to improve with each game you play! 

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