BruMate Sundown Imperial Pint (2 Styles)


Brand: BruMate
SKU: 81403


  • BevLock™ Leakproof Lid
  • 24 Hrs Cold / 4 Hrs Hot
  • Cup Holder Friendly
  • Non-Slip Base
  • No Condensation

Never leave home without the leakproof BruMate Imperial Pint! With its travel-friendly design and cup holder compatibility, your beverages will stay secure no matter where life takes you. Take your outdoor adventures to the next level with this stylish cup using BevLock™ Technology and a double-threaded design, this cup seals tight to keep your drinks secure and your style chic.

Say goodbye to lukewarm drinks! With BruMate, you can keep your favorite beverage the perfect temperature for longer than ever before. Experience the stainless steel triple-insulated beverage holder revolution and make sure you stay hydrated all day long! This unique brand is sure to make every day better with its innovative designs, passion for fostering communities, and its commitment to sustainability. Try out one of our BruMate products today and see how much you can transform your morning routine!

Looking for something a bit bigger, but will still perfectly fit in your cupholder? The XL Toddy by BruMate is a true lifesaver!