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Hap Snow Globe Bearfoots Bozeman Ornament by Jeff Fleming


SKU: 54607

Bearfoots Hap loves to dance! He'll shimmy and shake his way through the entire forest if he gets a chance! If being in Montana made you as happy as dancing makes Hap, you should bring home the Bearfoots Hap Snow Globe Bozeman Ornament by Big Sky Carvers. Yes, it is an ornament so you can hang it on your Christmas tree, but Hap would really look cute displayed any time of year. You're friends will see this darling Montana souvenir and want to ask you all about the fun you had when you visited. If you already have a snow globe collection started, it would be great to add a Bearfoots one to give your snow globes a little Montana flair! Buy Bearfoots Hap Snow Globe Bozeman Ornament now, and you won't have to worry about buying other Montana souvenirs later!