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Sugar Free Huckleberry Jam - 11 oz. by Huckleberry Haven


SKU: 37215

This delicious line of huckleberry jam will leave the lasting taste of Montana with every bite! However, we know not everyone whats the sugar-y version which is why we also carry this scrumptious sugar free option! Sugar Free Huckleberry Jam is made in Kalispell, Montana, just outside of the breathtaking scenery of Glacier National Park. This is also prime huckleberry territory, so you know what you're eating comes from the freshest, ripest berries. The 11 oz. jar is our biggest option, but we know you can never have too much huckleberry jam. Whether slathered on hot toast or used in a juicy meatball recipe, this Sugar Free Huckleberry Jam is a must-have Montana made food!