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Wildlife Mugs by Dennis Franzen (4 Styles)


SKU: 69521


  • Sculpted designs
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Approx. 18 oz.

      Enjoy your cup of coffee in true Montanan style with the stunning Wildlife Mugs by Dennis Franzen! The Wildlife Mugs by Dennis Franzen feature painted versions of Dennis Franzen's elegant sculptures. The light brown coloring of the Wildlife Mugs by Dennis Franzen and natural tones conjures images of Montana's breathtaking wilderness. The Wildlife Mugs by Dennis Franzen also feature impressive animals that are commonly found throughout Montana, making them seem even more like home. The Wildlife Mugs by Dennis Franzen comes in three different designs. The Forest Whitetail Mug by Dennis Franzen features the head of a whitetail deer with mountains and pine forest behind it. The Mountain Elk Mug by Dennis Franzen features a beautiful elk standing in the middle of a wide field. Behind the Mountain Elk is a beautiful mountain. The Forest Bear Mug by Dennis Franzen features Montana's state animal ambling peacefully through a forest. Take a trip home every time you take a sip with the Wildlife Mugs by Dennis Franzen!

    Dennis Franzen has been sculpting for over twenty years and has been an artist for almost thirty! He began his passion for art as an Illustrator apprentice at Phase II. He moved studios for a while before switching to his own freelance career. Shortly afterward Dennis began his line of nature-inspired sculptures with Roman Inc. Now he has partnered with Big Sky Carvers to help spread his wonderful wildlife to you wherever you are.