Black and White Hand Drawn Grizzly and Cubs Shopper Tote Bag by Art Studio Company


SKU: 69979
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Canvas Material
  • Sturdy for Re-use

Plastic bags are still in use in grocery stores, clothing outlets, sporting goods stores, and beyond. We know that they are in-efficient, dull, and bad for the environment. As we continue to transition away from plastic bags, be on the front lines of this transition and grab a beautiful tote bag to carry around with style as you shop! Built for the intention of re-use, this canvas-built bag will carry heavy loads of groceries, art supplies, books, you name it the bag will hold it (to a reasonable weight of course). 

Art Studio Company functions with the environment in mind. Creating wonderful products while limiting environmental impact is a practice that Art Studio Company holds true to every day! These products are designed in the USA and handmade in small villages. Not only will you be supporting an American company, you will helping small communities as well all with a simple purchase of a bag that helps the environment. The choice is clear, grab yours today!