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Gold Japanese Maple Wire Earrings by Rocky Mountain Leaf Company


SKU: 75983


  • Real Japanese Maple Leaf
  • 24K Gold

Add some stunning statement pieces to your jewelry boxes! The Gold Japanese Maple Wire Earrings by Rocky Mountain Leaf Company add a wonderful shine to any outfit whether casual or formal! Maple leaves symbolize strength and endurance, which is a great message to send to anyone who is wearing them! Even though they are delicately crafted, these earrings represent everything but fragility. 

Rocky Mountain Leaf Company is a jewelry designer and manufacturer based in Aspen Colorado. Rocky Mountain Leaf Company has now expanded throughout the United States, as well as internationally! This American company excels at producing jewelry crafted from real leaves, cones, and acorns. These leaves, cones, and acorns are hand-picked to meet quality standards.  Turning these natural elements into jewelry is no easy task, each leaf, cone, or acorn is dipped in a solution that removes all organic matter, leaving only its delicate vein structure. Once organic tissue has been removed, the structure is electroplated, which is the process of depositing material using an electric current, in this case this process turns the once fragile vein structure into a structure of copper!  They are then finished in 24K gold, silver, or iridescent copper! 

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