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Montana 12 in 1 Survival Tool by Blair Cedar


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  • 12-in-1 Survival Tool
  • Made in the USA
  • Crafted with Cedar & Stainless Steel

There is no denying that no matter where you roam in the Big Sky state, you are surrounded by adventure opportunities. Whether you enjoy hiking, hunting, or even backpacking, it is essential to be prepared for any obstacle that may arise. Luckily, here at Montana Gift Corral, we are now carrying the Montana 12-in-1 Survival Tool by Blair Cedar. The 12-in-1 survival tool is exactly what you need to stay prepared for your next outdoor escapade. With the word "Montana" laser engraved in the cedar, you can always remember the beautiful state that has your heart!

Based in Camdenton, MO, Blair Cedar is a wonderful company committed to providing the best in terms of cedar souvenirs and novelties. First beginning in 1930 as a one-man operation, this company has grown much larger, with 5 salesmen traveling nationwide. Using innovative techniques of sawing, sanding, shaping, drilling, and spraying cedar, Blair Cedar products are always crafted with extreme attention to detail!

Did you know that Blair Cedar also sells home decor? We've been loving the Coffee Shelf Plaques!