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The Mountain Men: The Dramatic History and Lore...


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Western Book Category: Our selection of exciting and well-researched books will provide you with only the best and most informational Western History books. The Mountain Men: The Dramatic History and Lore of the First Frontiersmen is a compilation of tales from George Laycock. To know how the west was really won, you must start with the exploits of these unsung mountain men who, like the legendary Jeremiah Johnson, were real buckskin survivalists. Preceded only by Lewis and Clark, beaver fur trappers roamed the river valleys and mountain ranges of the west, living on the fish and game, fighting or trading with Native Americans, and forever heading toward the untamed wilderness. Laycock weaves historical facts and practical instruction with profiles of individual trappers in this striking 256-page piece. Brush up on your own Western History knowledge or give this book to someone who just can't get enough of the legends of the old west. ISBN: 1-59228-655-0