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Raccoon Large by Nat & Jules


SKU: 59094
  • 11''
  • 20% Polyester 80% acrylic
  • Distributed in America 

Many Native American and Aztec cultures believed that raccoons had spirit powers and were naturally connected to the gods. Now you can find out for yourself with the Raccoon Large stuffed animal by Nat and Jules. This attractive little beast is made with extra soft plush and child safe material to ensure that every child has a fantastic time with there new raccoon.

Nat and Jules is a division of Demdaco that designs adorable stuffed animals for every child's taste, from alligators and tigers to chickens and Chihuahuas, and with the vast selection that they have grown over the last 20 years, there is something for everyone at Nat and Jules.

No matter what you might need a stuffed animal raccoon for, if that's indeed what you are looking for, then the Raccoon large stuffed animal by Nat and Jules is a wonderful choice for you.