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Does GiftCorral.com ship outside the US?

If you're ordering an item from GiftCorral.com, we'll ship it to you almost anywhere in the world. However, there are many restrictions on what we can ship outside of the continental United States. Due to these restrictions and the associated increases in shipping cost, we ask that you contact us using our toll-free telephone number +1(800) 242-5055 or via email at info@giftcorral.com.

Please prepare the following information to determine the shipping cost for these orders:

 - Your full address.

 - A telephone number or email address that we can direct questions to.

 - Your time offset (for example, we are at GMT -7).

 - The SKU numbers of the items you would like to purchase.

How long does an order with GiftCorral.com take to ship?

It usually takes GiftCorral.com 24 hours to process and ship orders. If orders are placed over a weekend, they will be processed and shipped the following business day. If you are concerned that your order may not ship quickly enough, please contact us at (800) 242-5055, or email us at info@giftcorral.com to inform us of your situation.

How long do GiftCorral.com orders take to arrive?

Once GiftCorral.com ships a package, you will receive an email containing the UPS tracking number for your order. If your chosen shipping method is UPS Ground, UPS does not guarantee a time in transit. For all other shipping methods, the transit time is in business days once UPS receives the package.
How much does GiftCorral.com charge for shipping?
Our shipping costs depend on the cost of the order and the shipping method chosen, as well as the state. Shipping costs are given at checkout.

Who does GiftCorral.com use to ship?

Within the continental United States, we ship via UPS or the United States Postal Service. If UPS does not service an address, we tend to use the United States Postal Service.
What if my product arrives broken?

If your package arrives broken, we will refund or replace the item at your discretion. Please set it aside with all packaging materials and contact us immediately via our toll-free line, at (800)242-5055, or via email at info@giftcorral.com.

We must be notified of any damage within 7 days of the order arriving at its destination in order to comply with the above policy.

Why does my package appear to be in a reused box?

GiftCorral.com reuses boxes for shipping. Why do we do this? Two reasons: first, it’s a more environmentally friendly way to get you your products. We simply reuse the boxes that your items (and others) come to us in. Second, it costs us significantly less money to reuse materials, so we can pass those savings along to you.
How does GiftCorral.com package items?

GiftCorral.com packages your items as recommended by UPS.