1,000 Piece Puzzle by Sugarboo and Co.


SKU: 77371


  • 1,000 pcs

  • 19 inches by 27 inches

Our Sugarboo and Co. puzzle designs come straight from the artist behind Sugarboo, Rebecca Puig. Rebecca Puig's inspiration behind her designs are to remind us of the ones we love. Her art is original and full of soul.

If you want a puzzle that is light, bright, and full of vibrancy, the Dancing Dog puzzle is for you. Inspired by the loving energy of our best dog friend's, this puzzle is a fun way to escape into an activity. The light green and zesty yellow of the Dancing Dog puzzle is full of life and will surely bring life into your reset time.

Our Sugarboo and Co. L-O-V-E puzzle is also a Rebecca Puig design. Her inspiration comes from quotes by our world's most creative. Inside the letters that spell out love are quotes about love because you can't get enough love. The L-O-V-E puzzle is a great way to spend time while also building knowledge on popular quotes.