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4-Ounce Glass Huckleberry Candle by Huckleberry Haven


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Come home to the smell of Montana. And what does that smell like you may ask? You'll be smelling the mountainous scent of huckleberries. These little bundles of joy aren't only tasty, but they smell as beautiful as the Montana sunrises that overlook the planes and the peaks. Bring a piece of Montana into your home with a perfect candle from the land itself!

Who doesn't want their entire house or office to smell of Montana huckleberries? This 5-ounce Glass Huckleberry Candle was made by Huckleberry Haven, a Montana based company, with the wild berries that grow in the Rocky Mountains. They are all hand-picked making the berries a highly prized Montana food. In the fall they also become a favorite food of the bear population. Each of these Montana hand-crafted candles contains 5 ounces of delicious smelling huckleberry heaven. Give this Montana-made product to a friend or family member. Enjoy the wonderful aroma of huckleberries while you soothe your senses!