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48” Black Bear Hugs by Ditz Designs


SKU: 47171

House Accessories Category: Whether you're looking for a Western Book or some cute Stuffed Animal Toys, we carry all forms of Other Entertainment! This 48” Black Bear Hugs comes from our Home Accents assortment of Stuffed Animals. He comes from Ditz Designs which are produced by the Hen House in Norwalk, Ohio. Joyce Ditz is the creator of these fun pieces. She was a nurse who began making plush animals out of her love for fun creations and stay-at-home moms. Hen House believes everyone needs a hug, and they've expanded that concept with their weighted “bear hugs” to hold or use as a body pillow. You can't help but hug this little black bear when you see him! He is irresistible! Use any of our Stuffed Animals for Other Entertainment or as Home Accents. Either way, our Western Book selection of Stuffed Animals Toys will have just what you are looking for!