5 Miles Beverage Napkin by Paperproducts Design


SKU: 81508


  • 5x5" beverage napkin
  • 20 napkins/package with resealable opening
  • Soft 3-ply paper

Are you the jokester of your friend group? Are you also a dog person? Why not set up your table to make your friends laugh while hosting your next dinner party? The 5 Miles Beverage Napkin by Paperproducts Design is perfect for your next get together with your friends. Sometimes it's a hassle taking the dog out, but next time you can name your dog "5 Miles" and cut your trip in half!

Since 1994, Paperproducts Design has made it their goal to really celebrate art in a functional and useful way, and what better way than in your home! By taking everyday objects and giving them beautiful colors and scenes, suddenly those plain old objects are the centerpiece of your favorite comfortable spaces at home. They also give money to various causes close to their hearts such as Parents Helping Parents, Meals on Wheels America, and Dogwood Animal Rescue. Get your hands on the 5 Miles Beverage Napkins by Paperproducts Design, you get something that can make you smile and that helps others! 

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