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Alder Grilling Planks with Seasoning by Montana Bounty Foods


SKU: 46395
Alder Grilling Planks are ideal for preparing fish, poultry and vegetables. The set includes two grilling planks and a packet of “Deep-pit Seasoning” gourmet spices that is sure to liven up any meal with it's mouth-watering flavor! “Deep-pit Seasoning” adds a moist and rugged Montana flavor to fish, poultry, bison, wild game, beef and pork prepared on the planks as well as the crock pot ,oven or skillet. The Alder Grilling Planks with Seasoning make a perfect gift for any griller of gourmet food. This gourmet essential to any kitchen comes with two 12”x5” planks and 1.5oz. of the “Deep-pit Seasoning”. Enjoy!