Alpine Forget Me Not Greeting Card by Quilling Card


SKU: 73263


  • Size 6" x 6"
  • Very artistic
  • Great Quality

Greeting cards are the best way to say, "Hey," and everyone loves to get a card in the mail that isn't a bill. The Alpine Forget Me Not flower symbolizes true love and respect. Giving this flower, or card, to someone will show them that you care about them or at the very least respect them for who they are or what they do. Imagine receiving this card and knowing there is someone out there that cares about who you are. Quilling art is a very unique art form that is done by rolling, shaping and gluing paper together in a design you like.

Quilling Card was started in 2011 by Huong Nguyen Wolf and Raphael Wolf, in Framingham, Massachusetts. Their cards are all handcrafted by skilled artists in three workshops in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and are all unique in their own way. Quilling Card is a certified member of the Fair Trade federation, providing jobs for over 300 local artists. We love to carry their cards at the Montana Gift Corral because of the unique cards that are made and the fair working conditions that Quilling Card offers their employees.