Anderson Gift Necklace by High Strung Studios


SKU: 81779


  • 18" inch chain
  • Box made from recycled materials 
  • Handcrafted

"Where words fail, music speaks." - Hans Christian Anderson

Celebrate the power of music with this Anderson Gift Necklace by High Strung Studios. The necklace features three charms, a tiny guitar string coil bead, and a Swarovski crystal charm with a musical note. This guitar string necklace is an expression of style and musical charm. It acts as a reminder to stay inspired. Whether you or someone you love is a musician, guitar string jewelry is a fun way to be expressive!

High Strung Studios is a company founded on the passion for music. Their mission is to spread inspiration and bring forth connection using the power of sound. High Strung Studios utilizes used guitar strings and repurposes them into jewelry. By melding the handcrafted technique of jewelry making with the love of musical passion, High Strung Studios was born! They developed "wearble music," creating a unique design aesthetic that is sure to bring you delight!