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Antler Double Handled Cork Screw by High Country Arts


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These Antler Accessories, part of our Table Top Bar Accessories selection, are both unique and practical. This Antler Double Handled Cork Screw comes from High Country Arts in Shady Cove, Oregon. Don Burda began using antlers to flake stone tools and arrowheads in 1969. Then he turned to carving belt buckles as a hobby and High Country Arts was born. Antlers are a truly renewable resource as all antlered animals (deer, caribou, elk, reindeer, etc.) shed their antlers every spring. If you enjoy a drink of wine every now and then, one of the essential items you need is a cork screw. If you love to hunt and take pride in displaying the antlers that come from your hunting skills, this cork screw is the perfect product for you. Purchase one of these great hand-made Antler Accessories and your unique set of Table Top Bar Accessories will finally be complete!