Apple Butter by Red Hen Jams


SKU: 78279


  • 8oz. jar
  • Ingredients: Apples, sugar, apple cider vinegar, spices, pectin
  • Made in Bozeman, MT

Have you ever been overcome with absolute bliss while eating breakfast? We have. It was when the Apple Butter by Red Hen Jams grazed our tastebuds. We even shed a tear of happiness. All of the amazing spreads made by Red Hen Jams are made in Bozeman, MT which is most likely why they taste like they were made in heaven. If you like quality, local jams and jellies, we can't recommend Red Hen Jams enough!

Apple butter originates from Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany. The production of apple butter was a perfect way to conserve part of the fruit production of the monasteries in that region, at a time when almost every village had its own apple-butter producers. Fun fact about apple butter: it can be used as a fat substitute in reduced-fat or fat-free cooking, as well as vegan recipes! Get yours today!