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Assorted Bird Lighted Print Ornament by RAZ Imports


SKU: 68825

This product is on order

  • 6" x  4"
  • One Polyester Canvas Print
  • Distributed in America 
  • Please note your ornament of choice in the drop-down menu

Our Christmas tree ornaments are precious to us - whether it be a hand made ornament your son or daughter made, or a family heirloom that has hung on 4 generations of your family's tree. Why not start a new holiday ritual with the Assorted Bird Lighted Print Ornament by RAZ Imports. These attractive prints can be used on the tree as ornaments, or if your tree is already full of priceless memories, you can stand it on any mantle in the house to add some Christmas charm to your house. Turn on the switch, and the LED lights illuminate to act as the falling snow.

RAZ Imports has been a leading provider for holiday and home decor since 1979. They hand select the best quality products from around the world, and deliver them to retailers. Each season, customers get a new selection of  innovative designs and products from popular themes. After being in business nearly 40 years now, they have become a trusted friend in all things Christmas.