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Black Ballerina Sand Picture by Klaus Bosch


SKU: 57559
  • 13"by 20"by 3.75"

Time to spin the frame to create a new picture! Every time you turn this unique piece of sand art, you will get an amazing new view of mountains, valleys, and dunes. When you have the time to sit and watch the sand fall down the frame you will find yourself relaxing. Klaus Bosch makes all the sand art for people to find a little more Zen in their lives. All sand art pictures are made out of the perfect balance of sand, water, and air. They are finished with a wood frame around the pictures. With the Ballerina style, there are three different wood types to choose from: black, oak, or walnut. Each Ballerina is a limited addition and comes with a certificate. What's more, all sand art pictures come with a kit and instructions to adjust the air in the picture, so it lasts longer. This will make a great gift or will be perfect for you to have around the house.