Balloons Gift Enclosure Card by Quilling Card


SKU: 73347


  • Size: 2.5 in. x 3.5 in.
  • Envelope Color: Red

*Not a mailable size

Add some birthday flair to any present with the beautiful art of quilling! The Balloons Gift Enclosure Card by Quilling Card is the perfect size for putting in a gift bag or adding something extra on the side of your cake! Each balloon is beautifully quilled by hand and comes with a corresponding envelope to make any celebration an easy one! You are truly sending a heartfelt gift when you give a quilling card, because each card is a labor of love! Each card takes about one hour to complete! Don't just send a card, send art! 

Have you ever heard of the art of quilling? Well you are in luck because Quilling Card is a great company that strives to spread the art of quilling to everyone everywhere! Each card is hand rolled by trained team of professionals which are then carefully glued in the shape of various images! After leaving corporate marketing to pursue her entrepreneurial spirit for the art of quilling, Huong Nguyen Wolf made a flourishing greeting card company that doesn't just send you typical cards, but rather works of stunning artistry!

We have so many great Quilling Cards depicting different scenes and imagery! Take a look at our collection and find the perfect one for you!