Bear Fishing Slim Can Cooler by Alaska Wild and Free


SKU: 81283


  • Slim Can Coolers - Perfect for Seltzers
  • Full-Color Design
  • Wildlife-Inspired Keepsake

Montanans are known for being really hard-working, this being said, we're also well-known for knowing how to celebrate a well-done week of work! One of our favorite ways to wind down on the weekend is with a good adult beverage. That said, keeping them cold can be quite a task! Well, no need to worry about that with the Bear Fishing Slim Can Cooler by Alaska Wild and Free! Featuring a beautiful full-color wildlife-inspired design, you can sip on a nice chilled beverage in style. In addition to enjoying a cold drink, you'll be delighted that this moisture-wicking material will keep your hands nice and dry. What a lifesaver!

Based in Anchorage, Alaska, Alaska Wild and Free is a woman-owned company passionate about offering beautiful wildlife-designed products. Kristi Trimmer, the talented owner, and artist bases her unique designs on an array of beautiful photographs she has taken while living a nomadic lifestyle for over 4 years. From these photos, Kristi has been able to create beautiful stickers, magnets, coloring books, printables, and even can coolers to inspire the lives of other outdoor lovers!

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