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Bear in My Soul Ornament


Brand: Lazart
SKU: 47832

Holiday Decorations Category: The Bear Ornaments found in our array of Christmas Tree Ornaments will help you commemorate all that you love about the wild outdoors. This Bear in My Soul Ornament would nicely compliment the deep green of your fresh cut Christmas tree. Based in Gainesville, Texas, this piece is the product of Lazart Productions, Inc. They specialize in crafting original metal art through the use of their unique heat transfer finishing process. It measures 3” in diameter and comes with a gold cold designed for festive hanging. Encircled in a metal ring is the image of the great bear, king of the forest. Etched into his body you will find a majestic forest scene to remind of all the beautiful things you've seen in the great outdoors. You can never have too many Christmas Tree Ornaments, and our Bear Ornaments make for the perfect holiday indulgence for you and your family!