Bear Sticker by Atomic Child


SKU: 78718


  • All Weather
  • Die Cut Vinyl
  •  3.92" x 2.4"

What do you think holds the spirit of Montana? Is it our forests? Rivers? We like to think that it's held within all of its living creatures. The grizzly bear is one of Montana's most mighty animals, so it is often seen as a representation of the big sky state. You can find its likeness almost everywhere you go in Montana, even cute bear stickers! The Bear Sticker by Atomic Child features the silhouette of a grizzly bear full of the scenic imagery found in Montana! Embrace your Montana spirit with this great sticker!

When it comes to designing for states in the Rocky Mountain region, we trust the people that live in the Rocky Mountains the most! Atomic Child is a company based out of Colorado owned by Jimmy Bryant, an artist that has been designing for his entire life. He has been crafting drawings and graphics inspired by the great outdoors, Atomic Child was created with the passion for making products that inspire others to get outside. Put this cute bear sticker on your cooler, water bottle, or car! The sky is the limit!

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