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Bear Tile Magnet


SKU: 46347

Montana-made souvenirs are great gifts to take home, especially the Refrigerator Magnets found among our Kitchen Accessories line. This Made in Montana Moose Tile Magnet comes from S-K Designs, a family-owned company located in Belgrade, Montana. Steve and Sue began their company in 1992 with a desire to work from home so they could spend more time with their children. While Steve honed his wood carving skills, they acquired a sandblast glass etching company, so their company currently carries a wide variety of finely crafted Montana products. This magnet comes in a variety of earthy colors and measures 2” by 2”. The design is complimented by the simple silhouette of a bear with the name of the great state of Montana below it. It's the perfect piece to commemorate your trip here. Whether you are looking for Refrigerator Magnets, Kitchen Accessories, or hand-crafted Montana souvenirs, you will find what you need with us!