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Bear Towel Ring


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House Accessories Category: Bathroom Decor is an important element to include when redecorating your home with a special theme. From our House Accessories gallery, we ask you to make the Bear Towel Ring one of your newest treasures. It comes from AMTR Metal Art in Phoenix, Arizona. As a family owned business, they design and manufacture all of their own products. Each of their pieces is plasma cut from heavy gauge steel. It is hand ground, flame tinted, and then applied with a baked on powder coat high gloss finish. This piece features a momma bear and a baby bear wandering through the great wide open. They may be looking for food or they may just be enjoying the sunshine, but either way they will look great in your bathroom with your fine set of hand towels. Hang this great Bathroom Decor next to your sink to invoke that sense of the wild.