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Bart Bearfoots Clip Magnet by Jeff Fleming

$6.50 $5.20

SKU: 57837

Bart the Bearfoots bear is one happy fellow! Whenever you see him, he's usually very relaxed, probably after a long nap or some delicious forest treats! This is the kind of bear you want to be your friend because he's so carefree and cute! Now, Bart can come right into your home on the Bearfoots Bart Clip Magnet by Big Sky Carvers! Featuring everyone's favorite happy-go-lucky Bearfoots bear, this fridge magnet is also a clip which works great for opened bags of potato chips or unfinished snacks that need to be resealed. When not in use, Bart can hang on your fridge and make you smile every time you walk past him. If you love Jeff Fleming's Bearfoots collection, the Bearfoots Bart Clip Magnet would make an excellent addition to your own collection!

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