Bearfoots Bear Box by Jeff Fleming


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 76366


  • Clean with a damp cloth
  • Designed by Jeff Fleming
  • Measures 7 1/2" wide and 4 1/2" tall

Keep your special treasures in the bear's den! The Bearfoots Bear Box by Jeff Fleming combines your love of those whimsical little Bearfoots bears with functional decor for your home! From the outside, you get the scene of adorable, little bears frolicking through the woods! Weaving in and out of this little box, they are having the time of their lives running, jumping, climbing, and exploring. It's those sweet scenes we've come to know and love from the Bearfoots bears collection.

Made of hand-cast resin, this durable, easy-to-clean piece is sure to become a fast favorite in your living room or on a bookshelf in your home. It is designed by Jeff Fleming, who is a woodcarver located near Kalispell. He continues to make wood carvings in his studio there and works closely with Demdaco to design new Bearfoots bears each year. While he began his work with Big Sky Carvers, they have all now become a part of the Demdaco family, with the goal of bringing gifts and home decor to people to help them lift their spirits. Bring the Bearfoots Bear Box by Jeff Fleming into your home and enjoy!