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Bears Kissing Bearfoots Bozeman Magnet by Jeff Fleming


SKU: 57506

Just return home from a trip to Bozeman, Montana? Looking for something small and easy to buy as a great Montana souvenir? Look no further than the Bearfoots Bears Kissing Bozeman Magnet by Big Sky Carvers. Producing fine quality products for over 20 years, Big Sky Carvers outlet store is located just down the road from Bozeman and their Bearfoots collection from Jeff Fleming is the most well known. This magnet includes two lovey little bears who thought it was time to steal a kiss when no one was looking! Featuring the name Bozeman, Montana on the front, this refrigerator magnet will have you remember your days in Montana each time you reach into the fridge. Functional and adorable, Bearfoots Bears Kissing Bozeman Magnet would look so cute on your fridge!

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