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Bearfoots Bears Yard Sale Figurine by Jeff Fleming


SKU: 69428


  • 6.25"W x 2.75"H
  • Hand Cast Resin

Uh oh! This Bearfoots Bear overestimated his skills on the slopes! But its okay, we've all been there before! I mean come on, how many times did you think you could just skip to the black diamond and realized you probably should have practiced a bit more on the blue circles first? So why not bring home this little bear to let him know he isn’t alone. Or better yet give the Bearfoots Bears Yard Sale Figurine as a gift to a loved one to remind them that they aren’t the only ones who have had a yard sale wipeout! 

The Bearfoots Bears are adorable bear figurines that show off the little moments in life. From local artist Jeff Fleming, the bears are inspired from adventures in the Montanan wilderness with his family. Big Sky Carver's partnered with Jeff Fleming twenty-five years ago to help bring these whimsical little bears to you, so you can enjoy your little slice of Montana all over the world.