Bearfoots Cub with Butterfly Magnetic Montana Ornament by Jeff Fleming


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 80346


  • Holiday Ornament
  • Small Size
  • Montana Inspired

Nothing says "Montana," like a Montana Christmas ornament of a bear picking flowers. In the winter the bears may be hibernating, but you you don't have to forget them. For those bear enthusiasts in the world its nice to be gifted with a tree ornament of a bear, to hang every year. Christmas ornaments are the best gift to give to friends and family, and if cared for will last for years and years to pass down to your future generations. 

There's always a place for your Christmas ornaments. Demdaco have some of the best artists who make the best ornaments for your holiday traditions that will last. We love to work with Demdaco because their quality standard is set so high, we know their products are going to last. From Bear ornaments all the way to kitchenware, Demdaco has a eye for quality products to improve anyones home.