Bearfoots Danger Bear Magnetic Yellowstone National Park Ornament by Jeff Fleming


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 80345


  • Bearfoots Bear Ornament
  • Designed by Jeff Fleming in Montana
  • Hand-Cast Resin 

During the summer season tourists flock to Yellowstone National Park to catch a glimpse of its fascinating geothermal features and immense wildlife. From wolves to elk, bison, and of course, bears, there is no lack of four-legged critters residing within the bounds of YNP! While in the park, you may be lucky enough to see either a black bear or grizzly bear, or if you're really lucky, maybe both! While they are adorable, it's important to keep your distance, as bears can often be aggressive. To serve as a reminder of your moments spent within Yellowstone National Park, make sure to pick up the Bearfoots Danger Bear Magnetic Yellowstone National Park Ornament by Jeff Fleming. Designed here in Montana by a talented artist, Jeff Fleming, this adorable magnetic ornament is the perfect keepsake reminding you to keep a safe distance from YNP wildlife at all times! Trust us, you don't want a bear to view you as an afternoon snack.

Jeff Fleming, the artist behind this unique piece, is well-known worldwide for his amazing craft. Born and raised in Montana, Jeff is always drawing inspiration from the nature surrounding him. In his free time, he enjoys spending time in nature with his family. Jeff Fleming is best known for his intricate line of carved wooden bear figurines, uniquely named Bearfoots Bears. Typically depicting adorable bears partaking in an array of human-like activities, we are sure you will get a kick out of his wide range of designs!

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