Bearfoots Danger Bear Montana Magnet by Jeff Fleming


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 75038
  • Hand-Caste Resin 
  • Custom Made Magnet

If you have ever clicked-on the nightly news in Montana and Yellowstone National Park pops on the screen, chances are it's about the beauty or the sheer power of the wildlife in the park. Even with the countless amount of signs that tell folks not to approach the wildlife, there are incidents including people and wildlife every year! Whether you want a better picture of that Bison or the perfect view of the bear cub, remember to keep your distance and know that you are in their home.  

Jeff Fleming holds a special place in our hearts. Local to Montana, Jeff Fleming is the creator of Bearfoots Bears. After partnering with Big Sky Carvers along with Demdaco, Jeff is able to share his artwork and his love of Bears with the entire world! Pick up this magnet today and start sprucing up the side of the refrigerator or wherever you need a magnet! Stay wild out there friends!