Bearfoots Guardian Angel Bear Figurine by Jeff Flemming


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 76375
  • Montana Artist
  • Designed in America
  • Carved Wood

The bear is the ruler of the forest. These majestic beasts roam in purity amidst the breathtaking mountainous regions of Montana and beyond. Bears live in isolation, keeping to themselves until work is needed to be done. These creatures are perfect to view from a distance, but once you violate their space; you might want to think about an escape. 

Bears are usually friendly, and this angelic figurine is definitely an exception. Many believe that their guardian angel is always watching, and if not; this bear can help watch over any home it is introduced to. Jeff Fleming is a local Montana artist that founded Big Sky Carvers back in the 90's! Today, Bearfoot's Bears is found all over the country and beyond! Grow to your Bearfoot's family or start your own collection today with the help of Montana Gift Corral!