Bearfoots Hike and Seek Montana Ornament by Jeff Fleming


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 76548


  • Hand-cast resin
  • Custom Made

If you have ever been to Montana, you know that we love a lot of things! Some of those things being our wildlife and having fun! The Bearfoots Hike and Seek Montana Ornament by Jeff Fleming is a great souvenir Christmas ornament to remind you of how much fun you had in Montana! These Bearfoots Bears love playing in the trees and they will definitely love coming home with you! Designed in Montana, these bears will bring the spirit of Montana wherever they go!

For over the past 20 years, Bearfoots bears have captured collectors' imaginations and brought joy to bear lovers across the globe. Designed by the talented artist Jeff Fleming, each original piece is handcrafted by Jeff Fleming in clay or wax, it is then cast in finely detailed molds to create the final piece! With his partnership with Demdaco, Jeff Fleming is able to ensure that his adorable bear figurines are sold to homes and collectors throughout the nation.