Hug Like a Bear Bearfoots Montana Magnet by Jeff Fleming


SKU: 54595

Nothing feels as good as a big bear hug! Maybe not from an actual bear, but it's really the thought that counts! The Bearfoots Hug Like a Bear Montana Magnet by Big Sky Carvers shows two little Bearfoots bears enjoying big hugs of their own. This piece is designed by Jeff Fleming and crafted by Big Sky Carvers, who have been making the adorable line of Bearfoots bear figurines for well over 20 years. As a magnet, this piece isn't just adorable, it's also functional. These snuggly Bearfoots bears can hang on your refridgerator to help you remember those important to-do lists and missed phone messages. Perhaps the Bearfoots Hug Like a Bear Montana Magnet will inspire you to give your favorite person a big bear hug like they truly deserve!