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Lazy River Bearfoots Grand by Jeff Fleming


SKU: 62354


  • Materials: Hand-Cast Resin
  • Dimensions: 24½" x 11"
  • Made by Big Sky Carvers
  • Designed by Jeff Fleming

Bearfoots Lazy River Grand by Big Sky Carvers is a great piece of western decor to freshen up your home. Woodcarver Jeff Fleming who is known for black bear woodcarvings encapsulates a little lazy bear that found a spot to put its feet up and relax. A whimsical personification of this black bear makes for a great home decor idea while being able to have this black bear watch over your belongings in the canoe.

In search of a gift idea for a friend? The Bearfoots Lazy River Grand by Big Sky Carvers can make for a great gift. With a little room for storage and a lot of room to creates smiles on visitors passing by, this Bearfoots piece makes a great addition to any home.