Ten Lords A-Leaping Bearfoots Ornament by Jeff Fleming

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House Accessories Category: Bearfoots Animal Figurines by Big Sky Carvers include a line of whimsical Holiday Decorations which features outdoor-themed Christmas Tree Ornaments. As one of their Bear Ornaments, the Bearfoots “Ten Lords A-Leaping” Ornament is a neat way to display a little festive fun on your Christmas tree. With a jump to the left and a step to the right, these leaping Bearfoots lords are in perfect harmony with each other. They will surely be ready to put on a show for you by the tenth day of Christmas. This Bearfoots ornament measures 2½” tall, and it is the design of Montana artist Jeff Fleming. He is a master carver for Big Sky Carvers out of Manhattan, Montana who specializes in unique Bearfoots bear carvings. From the Bear Ornaments found in our selection of Christmas Tree Ornaments, these Bearfoots Animal Figurines will truly stand out among all of your other Holiday Decorations.