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Who Needs Waders Bearfoots Figurine by Jeff Fleming


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5 3/4" wide

2 3/4" tall

When river and stream fishing in Montana, waders are a must! They keep you dry and as warm as possible as you wade out into the whipping water for the perfect catch. However, this little Bearfoots bear has a better plan! The Bearfoots Who Needs Waders Figurine by Big Sky Carvers captures the inventiveness of this adorable little bear. He's rounded up the help of his forest buddy Mr. Moose and they are hitting the water to catch some delicious fish. Thanks to Mr. Moose's long legs, Bearfoots bear stays warm and dry and fishes all day, much to his delight. He does have to share his catches though! Bearfoots bear figurines bring whimsy and delight to any home, and if you love to fish, the Bearfoots Who Needs Waders Figurine is the perfect piece for you!