Bell Garland by Oak Street Wholesale (2 styles)


SKU: 74810


  • Traditional bell garland measures approx. 2 feet long
  • Ball bell garland measures approx. 4 feet long
  • Each traditional bell measures approx. 4 1/2" long
  • Each ball bell measures approx. 3" in diameter

Spruce up for the holidays with a Bell Garland by Oak Street Wholesale! These charming and rustic garlands aren't meant to be flashy statement pieces! They are the final touch that pulls your holiday decorating look together. Each garland is made from thick, durable twine with a loop at each end to make this easy to hang on a mantle using stocking hooks or strung up with small nails. The 2-foot traditional bell garland each has a white bell, a green bell, and a red bell, those classic holiday colors! Each 4-foot ball bell garland has 6 balls on it: two white, two red, and two green. It's great to mix and match and add garland to your displays to make them just the way you like! Plus, the bells really clang when moved!

These garlands are brought to us by the fine folks at Oak Street Wholesale. This is a family-owned and operated company based in Illinois, and it is their job to be connoisseurs of Christmas, specialists of seasonal, and titans of timely home decor. They pull together unique collections of goodies for your home depending on the calendar. We particularly love their Christmas holiday collections, and the rustic look it can give to your decorating schemes. Gnomes, woodland creatures, and even those beautiful finishing touches give you so many options for how you want your home to look. Give it a little rustic charm this season with a Bell Garland by Oak Street Wholesale!