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Berry Bearfoots Mug by Jeff Fleming


SKU: 69438
  • 5W x 4.7H
  • Handwash Only
  • Earthenware

A cozy mug for a winter's day, this charming piece of Bearfoots drinkware is lovingly crafted with an attention to details. From the clinging Beary bear to the vines of huckleberries to the sweet little foot print under the handle, Jeff Fleming has outdone himself with this particular Montana gift.

Started by father-son duo Marc and Eric Pierce, Big Sky Carvers boasts 35 years of delivering iconic pieces of the western outdoors to homes around the country. Collaborating with western artists and craftsman since their earliest days, Big Sky Carvers’ products are unendingly unique, and produced with an outstanding attention to detail and quality. From sculptures to kitchenware to toys and souvenirs, Big Sky Carvers has got all your western décor needs covered!