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Betty Padden "Bless This House" Ne'Qwa Ornament


Brand: Ne'Qwa
SKU: 42368

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Holiday Decorations Category: The Betty Padden “Bless This House” Ne Qwa Ornament is one of the unique selections from the Ne Qwa Christmas Decorations collection. These fine Ne Qwa ornaments are the product of a centuries-old tradition of painting on the inside of glass. This is the same meticulous technique that captivated emperors and art connoisseurs ages ago. This particular Ne Qwa ornament is the work of Betty Padden who brings nature to life with her magical celebration of holiday collections. The Betty Padden “ Bless This House” Ne Qwa Ornament is the ideal gift for those who enjoy the spirit of the season and who collect distinctive Ne Qwa ornaments. These fine Ne Qwa Christmas Decorations are available through our gallery of classic Holiday Decorations. Accent these ornaments with a custom stand and display the magical art of each ornament year-round.