Big Foot Emblem Mug by Americaware


SKU: 79879


  • 18oz
  • Raised emblem
  • Calls back to Old Irish "Black and Tan mugs"

For those on the never ending hunt for Sasquatch, this is the perfect mug for you. Made of high quality material and crafted to high standards, this mug makes you want to hammer nails into a wall with it. The raised emblem of Big Foot is a very good way of showing off your belief that he is out there wandering the woods. The black exterior and tan interior is a call back to old Irish Black and Tans that were served in Irish pups.

Americaware is a company made of people who travel all the time. So they have strived to make the perfect travel mug to follow them along their travels and now they want you to have that same peace of mind of high quality and dependability when it comes to your coffee mug. The best part is that as much as people love to travel, they love to take their pets with them wherever they go, so Americaware have taken the time to create products for your pets that join your travels as well. We at the Montana Gift Corral are travel fans and pet fans, so when we meet people who create products for those two things we have to work with them!