Big Shot Cleaver and Sharpener Kit by Big Sky Carvers


SKU: 66778


  • Materials: stainless steel, wood composite
  • Dimensions: 6" x 14" , Cleaver and sharpener blade 7½"
  • Made by Big Sky Carvers

Big Shot Cleaver and Sharpener Kit is just one part of the full set but a great idea for a standalone gift too, and if living in Montana it's especially a great gift idea for that hunter in your life. This part of the set contains the cleaver and sharpener for it, a gift that will last and with the sharpener you can keep using this over and over while keeping the blade as sharp as you would like.

Made from stainless steel and wood composite, this is a sharp looking blade and even sharper when paired with a cutting board and some meat. Pick up your Big Shot Cleaver and Sharpener Kit today and get to chopping.