Bighorn Sheep: Falcon Pocket Guides by Jack Ballard


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  • ISBN-10: 9780762784912
  • 96 pages
  • Published in Montana

Looking for an informational and insightful book on bighorn sheep? Look no further than Bighorn Sheep: Falcon Pocket Guides by Jack Ballard! This book is chock full of all you need to know about one of the Rocky Mountains' most interesting creatures. Written by Jack Ballard, he holds dual Master's degrees and has published in over 25 different magazines ranging from Sports Afield to Hunting Magazine. He's also had his photos included in many books, calendars, and other printed material. While he calls Red Lodge, Montana his home, he loves exploring and furthering the missions of education and conservation. 

The best part of this book on Bighorn Sheep is that it's not written for experts. This is meant to be informative, so Ballard takes complex ecological information and turns it into material even the most novice of wildlife enthusiasts can understand. Divided into seven chapters with multiple subsections, you'll learn about their physical characteristics, food sources, migration patterns, herd behaviors, and so much more. Also included are an array of full-color photos, making it easy to compare the written material with the visual. This is a great gift for the avid outdoorsman in your life, or as a souvenir for someone who may have visited Montana and become enamored with this ungulate. Dig in and learn with Bighorn Sheep: Falcon Pocket Guides by Jack Ballard.