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Bird Sculptures by Dennis Franzen


SKU: 69467


  • Approx. 4" -5.5"W x 7"-9"H
  • Sizes vary slightly between bird
  • Finished with Bronze Glaze

    Dennis Franzen captures the subtle elegance and beauty of birds in his delightful Bird Sculptures from Big Sky Carvers. These exquisite Bird sculptures are inspired by nature’s musicians and feature a shimmering bronze glaze. Get your favorite bird-watcher the omniscient saw-whet owl, better known as eastern North America’s smallest owl. Give one of the couples in your life the adorably in-love hummingbird pair with their own nest! With four different styles ranging from beautiful bluebirds to crimson cardinals, there is an alluring bird sculpture for all the bird-lovers in your life!

    Dennis Franzen has been sculpting for over twenty years and has been an artist for almost thirty! He began his passion for art as an Illustrator apprentice at Phase II. He moved studios for a while before switching to his own freelance career. Shortly afterward Dennis began his line of nature-inspired sculptures with Roman Inc. Now he has partnered with Big Sky Carvers to help spread his wonderful birds to you wherever you are.