Birds of Prey: Falcon Pocket Guide by Todd Telander


SKU: 78376


  • 136 Pages
  • Paperback
  • Author Todd Telander

Anatomically correct illustrations of the birds in flight and on the ground and detailed descriptions about each bird's prominent physical attributes and natural habitat make it easy to identify birds in your backyard, favorite parks, and wildlife areas. Informative, beautiful, and useful, Birds of Prey: Falcon Pocket Guide by Todd Telander is a field guide to the 55 birds of prey in North America. Educational and fun to peruse, this is the essential resource when you're out in the field! 

Todd Telander is a fine art painter out of Walla Walla, WA. Beginning freelance work with a former professor in San Francisco, he eventually obtained contracts with clients on a national and international level, providing highly rendered and scientifically accurate ink drawings and paintings for the likes of museums, aquariums, zoos, field guides and other books, and numerous retail companies. His work captures the beautiful wildlife of the world, which includes landscapes, animals, and people as well!

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